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Stop using Chemical fertilizers

Your lawn and gardens may be making your family sick if you are using chemical fertilizers on them. Plants and flowers and lawns need vitamins and nutrients to thrive just like children and pets do-but chemical fertilizers are not the answer.

So, what is the answer?

Glad you asked. The answer is to use the same thing that coastal farmers have used for centuries...seaweed. Seaweed contains more than 70 minerals, vitamins, and enzymes that your plants will love.

Seaweed in liquid form

We take seaweed from the coast of Maine and distill it into liquid form while capturing all of the rich nutrients and vitamins that your plants will love.

Your plants, flowers, lawns and trees will grow and thrive better with a regular feeding of the same secret formula my grandfather used for years. We call it "Grandpa Joes Seaweed Secret".

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Grandpa Joe's seaweed secret